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MetaTalkUS is a symbol-based application for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC). It allows users without or with limited voice capabilities to communicate. MetaTalkUS is preconfigured with a rich vocabulary - you can start immediately. Individual customizations are easy and always possible. MetaTalkUS is based on METACOM symbols which are known for their clarity and professional design. A simple structure allows beginners - and relatives without special AAC training - to learn and grow over time.

MetaTalkUS's vocabulary and voices are in English. You will find our German version here: MetaTalkDE





Vocabularies and METACOM Symbols licensed from Annette Kitzinger

"I created the first Metacom symbols for my daughter, Meta, who had a hard time with other symbol systems. I wanted symbols that were easy to recognize and consistent across the whole collection.

As a graphic designer, I design information systems for buildings and devices. Clear and highly stylized images fascinate me. Now my daughter shows me how important the quality of design is for her understanding and learning.

I had a lot of positive feedback and valuable suggestions from users, parents, educators, therapists and counselors over the last ten years. This made Metacom possible."



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